How to Remove Flock Foil Wallpaper

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Lift up a corner of your flocked wallpaper and try to pull it off the wall. Some types of wallpaper, including some brands of flocked foil paper, will simply peel off the wall when pulled. Other brands will be two-layered. The top layer containing design will pull away, leaving the paper layer behind still glued to the wall. A different type will be one layer, with the flocked and foiled part firmly adhered to the wall.

Pull a corner of the wallpaper and remove the top, flocked, foiled layer. It will separate easily from the wall, leaving the paper backing layer still glued to the wall.

Spray wallpaper remover on the paper backing that remains on the wall. Cover an area of approximately 4 square feet at a time.

Allow the remover to moisten the paper for approximately 20 minutes.

Use the scraper to remove the paper backing from the wall.

Spray the surface of the flocking with plain water, to keep the flocking from shredding into bits when you remove it. Work with a 4-square-foot area at a time.

Score the wallpaper with a wallpaper remover scoring tool, a hacksaw or extra coarse floor sandpaper. Work in the 4-square-foot area you moistened.

Spray wallpaper remover in the working area and allow it to moisten the wallpaper for about 20 minutes.

Scrape off the flocked, foiled wallpaper with the putty knife or scraper.

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