How to send music to someone's phone

Most modern cell phone models double as MP3 players. Add music through your computer or download the files directly through your phone provider. Through your media mall you can even send files to friends who are on the same cell phone network. The song will be billed to your cell phone bill, but will be downloaded to your friend's phone if he accepts the download.

Access your media mall or media centre on your phone through the main menu. Connect to the website.

Search for the song you wish to send to your friend. Search by artist or song title. Click the name of the song.

Choose "Send as gift" or similar wording, and type your friend's phone number in the designated box. Confirm the purchase.

Open the text message sent to the other phone to access the file. Connect to the song by clicking the link. Accept the download; it can then be listened to on the phone.

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