Ozark Trail Sun Shelter 2080 Instructions

You can escape harsh sun rays on the beach or in your own backyard by using an Ozark Trail Sun Shelter, made by North Pole Limited. The shelter is a three-sided, dome-shaped tent that easily packs up to carry on your outdoor adventures.

A divider curtain offers privacy for changing clothes, a napping baby or extra protection from strong UV rays. Assembling the sun shelter is a simple task and takes only a few minutes with two adults.

Spread out the tent body and tent poles on a level site that is free of rocks, sticks and other debris.

Extend all of the tent poles.

Slide one of the short tent poles into the sleeve on top of the shelter body, with the pointed tip toward the front of the shelter. Insert the tip of the pole into the grommet on the tent body above the opening. Put the other end of the pole into the metal ring located at the base of the tent. Repeat this process for other pole.

Slide the long tent pole into the sleeve sewn around the door. Place each pole end into the metal pins at the base of the tent.

Secure the shelter by filling the external pockets along the base of the shelter with sand or heavy objects.

Hang the divider curtain by attaching the S-shaped hooks onto the loops located on the interior of the shelter wall.