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How to tell if Ticketmaster tickets are fake or not

Updated April 17, 2017

You got tickets to a hot concert. You've waited for months to see the show. The last thing you want is to get to the venue only to find out that your tickets are fake. With today's advanced printing technology, it's easy to create counterfeit tickets, and it has become more challenging for companies like Ticketmaster to produce tickets that cannot be duplicated. However, legitimate ticket sellers have implemented measures to help concertgoers verify the authenticity of their tickets.

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  1. Ascertain whether you bought the ticket at a legitimate Ticketmaster outlet. If you bought it directly from Ticketmaster, it's guaranteed to be authentic. Ticketmaster also uses a number of reputable outlets for selling tickets. If you did not purchase your ticket from one of these outlets, its authenticity could be in question.

  2. Visit an authorised Ticketmaster outlet. Every ticket that Ticketmaster issues has a unique bar code. Only Ticketmaster can determine whether the bar-coded ticket is fake or not. The company does not always verify bar codes over the phone, so you may have to take your ticket to an authorised outlet and ask an employee to scan the bar code to determine whether the ticket is genuine.

  3. Examine the ticket. Compare the ticket in question with a previously used ticket that you know is legitimate. First, make sure that the ticket has a bar code. Fake tickets often lack a bar code because it's difficult to duplicate without sophisticated printing equipment. Make sure that the paper stock is similar. Ticketmaster occasionally changes the stock on which it prints tickets, but not dramatically. Check the date and time to see that those details are correct. Look at the venue and seating information to ensure that it's printed in the same spot and in the same format. Hold up both tickets to a bright light to determine whether they have the same colouring.

  4. Tip

    To ensure that you purchase authentic tickets, buy them directly from Ticketmaster or one of its authorised outlets.


    If you suspect that have fake tickets, don't make the situation worse by attempting to pass them off as genuine and sell them. You could end up in trouble with the law.

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