Problems With Iron-On Transfers Images

People use iron-on transfers to embellish and adorn clothing and other fabric items for personal wear or homemade gift-giving. Although the manufacturer directions that come in the package with the transfer paper are usually direct and explanatory, sometimes the transfers just don't work as you expect them to.

There are a few common problems with iron-on transfers and some simple solutions to try to remedy the problems.

Image Won't Transfer

There are a number of troubleshooting techniques to try when the iron-on transfer image won't transfer to your garment. Try pressing down harder or longer on the iron when it's on the transfer or increase the iron's temperature to effectively transfer the image. The transfer may be defective or your iron may be coated with Teflon. Another potential reason that the image won't transfer is because the garment may have been washed with fabric softener. Rewash the item and repeat the transfer process.

Peeling and Cracking Image

After peeling the paper backing from the transfer and wearing the garment, you might find that the ironed-on image begins to crack or peel from the fabric. This may be due to a few things; for instance, the pressure on the iron during the iron-on process might not have been long enough or strong enough. Also, try a hotter iron when pressing down on the transfer, as heat varies from iron to iron.

Paper Backing Won't Come Off

Another common issue with iron-on transfers is that the paper backing won't peel off after you've ironed the image to the fabric. Allow the transfer paper to cool completely before attempting to peel the paper. If the paper still does not budge, it may be a defective transfer paper, you may have used an iron that is too hot, or you may have pressed down too hard and the paper has melted to the image and fabric.

Cracking Image After Washing

Without adequate pressure and heat when ironing the transfer to the garment, it may peel or crack after washing. This tends to happen if the transfer does not melt to the fabric, which can happen without a strong downward pressure on the hot iron. This problem is deceiving because at first, the transfer appears to have worked, but after washing, it peels and cracks. Press down hard on the iron to avoid the problem altogether.