How to Remove Candle Wax From Velvet Fabric

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Velvet is a fabric often used to make a party dress or semi-formal top. It is also used to cover luxurious pillows and sofas. Because it's a relatively expensive fabric, you won't want to have to replace it if it's ruined. Candles drips sometimes seem unavoidable.

Fortunately, candle wax drips and spills do not mean a favourite item of clothing or fancy pillow is ruined because you can remove candle wax from velvet.

Smooth the velvet fabric. If the wax is fresh, be careful not to spread warm wax any farther.

Place a brown paper bag or paper towels on top of the dripped wax.

Set your steam iron on high. A temperature of 73.9 degrees C will melt most candle waxes. Gently iron back and forth over the paper. Keep the iron in motion to avoid any burns. As the paper soaks up the wax, replace it with fresh paper until the wax is removed from the velvet fabric.