How to Keep Tulle From Clinging

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Tulle is a synthetic fabric that is translucent and light, used most often in costumes and formal dresses. It creates a whimsical, airy dress that moves gracefully about the wearer. That is, unless the tulle is full of static and awkwardly bunching and clinging in all the wrong places. Static builds up as the tulle rubs against itself and your body. Because of its natural dryness, tulle can be especially charged with static electricity.

Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm tap water and then add 2 tbsp of liquid fabric softener to the water.

Secure the spray bottle lid tightly and shake the bottle vigorously to mix the water and fabric softener together.

Mist each layer of tulle lightly with the mixture, starting with the bottom layer of tulle and working your way up. Be thorough, but do not over-mist the layers or the tulle will be too damp to wear.

Repeat as needed throughout the day or before each time you wear the tulle.

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