How to move a washing machine in a small space

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Laundry machines situated in closets, small alcoves or placed in tight spaces in the basement require intricate manoeuvring when you need to move them. If you need to move your washing machine out of a small room or just position it in a different location for cleaning or maintenance, you can manage the task on your own by following a few simple steps and using a dolly.

First disconnect the appliance

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Disconnect the washing machine from the electrical socket.

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Turn off the cold and hot water supply valves and disconnect the hoses from the vales with a pair of channel locks. Drain the water from the hoses into a bucket to avoid creating a wet floor. Even if you only need to move the washing machine a few feet, you should disconnect it. This will prevent damage to the washing machine and the water lines in the event you run out of slack in the hoses.

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Lift the drain hose out of the drain hose tube mounted to the wall. The drain hose will not have water in it. Lift up the lid on the washing machine and place the end of the drain hose and the ends of the water hoses into the inside of the washer. Close the lid to prevent the hoses from slipping out. The lid will not close all of the way. This keeps the hoses out of your way, giving you a few less things to worry about when manoeuvring the washing machine.

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Slide a two-wheeled moving dolly under the front of the washing machine. Drape a towel over the front of the washing machine so it rests between the face of the washing machine and the dolly. This will keep you from marring the paint on the washing machine. The weight in a washing machine is always towards the back. Use a dolly with a ratchet strap attached to it. Wrap the ratchet strap around the washing machine and tighten it to secure the washing machine to the dolly. The use of a dolly eliminates the need for a second person to help you lift the machine. This helps out in tight quarters.

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Tilt the dolly back and carefully manoeuvre the washing machine to its new location.

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