How to Make a Cinch Noose

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A cinch noose, also known as a cinch or clinch knot, is a fishing knot worth learning. A cinch noose is easy to construct and uses the line's own resistance in tightening the knot, helping it to provide the security and tautness needed to keep your hook on the line.

Also, its wraparound design lends itself to simple untying, so that you can change your lure without cutting your string. Making the right cinch noose can help ensure your fishing expedition isn't fit for the gallows.

Thread the fishing line through the opening at the end, or eye, of the hook, and then pull the line back toward you.

Wrap the end of the line around itself five times, beginning closest to the hook and moving outward.

Pass the end of the line through the loop made between the eye of the hook and the first wraparound.

Pass the end through the big loop made between the furthermost wraparound and the eye, and tighten. Clip the excess of the line with scissors.