How to tighten a loose washing line

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In an era where going green is both popular and the right thing to do, hanging clothes on a clothes line is a more environmentally friendly way to dry washing than energy-guzzling tumble dryers. The problem is that the weight of wet clothes will eventually pull down on the line, causing it to stretch and droop. You don't have to let it get so low that your clean undies risk touching the ground. Tightening that loose washing line is a quick and easy job that pretty much anyone can do.

Use the slack in the loose washing line to make a small loop in the line.

Slide your board through the loop that you made. If you don't have access to a board, then a very strong, sturdy stick will work, or you could try cutting off a piece of a broom handle and using that.

Relax your grip on the loop and allow it to slowly tighten around the board.

Begin to wind and twist the board horizontally. As you twist the board around, the line will get tighter and tighter.

Continue twisting until the line is tightened sufficiently, and then secure the board to the washing line by wrapping duct tape around it.

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