How to Unlock the Region on a Samsung BD-P1500

a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

DVD players from Samsung come with a pre-installed region code that only allows users from a certain geographical location to view DVDs on a particular machine. This means that you can only watch DVDs on a player that has the same region code as your DVD player.

However, when you figure out how to unlock the region on a Samsung DVD player such as the BD-P1500, you can play any DVD on your machine.

Point your remote control device in the direction of your BD-P1500. Push your "TV/DVD" key one time. Then, push the "On" function to power on your DVD machine.

Push your "Eject" feature to eject the disk from the machine. Do not close the tray that holds the DVD.

Push "Time Search." Then, push 1, 1 and then 9.

Place a DVD that contains a different region in your DVD machine. Then, push "Eject" once again to insert the DVD into your player.

Power off your DVD player when you see the main menu of your machine come up.