How to Repair Motorcycle Helmet Lining

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Motorcycle helmets are essential protection for keeping your head safe while zipping along the open road. Pulling your helmet down over your head should result in a secure and comfortable fit. If you feel an uneven surface in the padding material of the helmet, you may need to repair the lining. You should be able to repair the lining in your motorcycle helmet fairly easily, and all you'll need for the job are a couple of basic tools.

Strip the comfort fit padding off the surface of the lining. Padding is the top layer of the helmet cushion, and it is usually positioned in the helmet in three pieces. You will want to reuse the padding, so remove it carefully.

Strip the thin styrofoam lining from the inside of the helmet. The lining is second layer of cushion, positioned under the comfort padding. The lining specifically separates the padding from the helmet shell. You can strip the entire lining away if the whole piece is tattered. You can also just slice out and replace a single section of lining if the damage is minimal.

Layer one side of the new lining with a thick coat of high-tack, permanent epoxy.

Press the new lining into place and hold for 30 seconds until the epoxy is dry.

Reapply comfort fit padding using the same high-tack, permanent epoxy.

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