Instructions for the Parrot Hands Free

The safety importance of hands-free driving cannot be overstated and any product that encourages this has to considered a good thing. Whether it is a GPS system or in-car entertainment system, a hands-free device should ensure the driver can focus on the road at all times and not be distracted. Parrot is a renowned supplier of hands-free equipment and provider of all manner of technological products to make driving safer.

Enter the menu options of your Parrot device. Enter the Bluetooth menu. Select "Add a device" from the available options.

Select the Parrot hands-free option or speaker system from the list. Enter the pairing code from your Parrot device. This can be found on the Parrot device itself.

Turn on your mobile phone or audio device. Ensure that it is Bluetooth-enabled. Ensure that both devices are recognising each other.

Check the screen of the Parrot device and ensure it is asking if you wish to use the device with your phone or audio player. Select "Yes." If you are using speakers, ensure it asks if you wish to use the device with speakers. Select "Yes."

Place the wireless remote control (if available for the Parrot device) within easy reach of the steering wheel.

Place the video screen (if available for the Parrot device) within easy view of the driver's seat, but not in a place that would block the view out of the window or mirrors.

Securely fasten any peripheral Parrot products to prevent them from coming loose while you are driving.

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