How to Make a Cardboard School Bus Costume

school bus image by Lombok from

Homemade costumes not only make great projects, but they are also cost efficient. You can make a costume that resembles a school bus using supplies you already have in your house. This type of project is simple enough for your child to help you with, thereby involving her in the creative process.

The following instructions allow you to create a cute and unique costume.

Find a box that is large enough to fit around your child's waist. The box should be longer than it is tall, as those dimensions more closely resemble the look of a school bus. Make sure the box is not taller than the length of your child's legs.

Remove the top flaps from the box. After you do this, you should have five fully intact sides left, including the bottom.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the box. It should be large enough for your child to slip through so she can put it on. Cut the hole closer to the front than to the back.

Paint the entire box yellow. Once that dries, paint the two black stripes down either side, the grill, windows, and the words SCHOOL BUS across the front above the painted windshield.

Paint the entire bottoms of your paper plates black. Once they dry, attach them to the bottom corners of the school bus to resemble the bus's tires.

Staple or otherwise affix the black ribbon to the front and back of the hole in the top of the school bus. This will make straps for your child to place over his shoulders, so make sure it's long enough to hold the school bus off the ground comfortably. About three feet of ribbon on each side should be sufficient.