How to Clean Hot Chocolate Off of UGG Boots

suede image by Dancer01 from

The exterior of UGG boots is made from delicate suede, which is notoriously difficult to clean. You can take your Uggs to a professional cleaner or you can try this home remedy to remove the hot chocolate from your boot.

Because of suede's tendency to show stains and wet marks, it's best to apply the cleaning method to the entire boot, including the area of hot chocolate, to avoid cleaning splotches.

Wipe the suede brush over the stain in one direction to remove any debris that may be on the top.

Dip one sponge in a bowl of distilled water and wet the entire shoe.

Mix equal quantities of white vinegar and cold water in a bowl. Dip the other clean sponge in the mixture. Rub the entire shoe in a gentle circular motion, paying special attention to the stain. Squeeze out the sponge frequently and refresh it in your mixture. If the mixture becomes dirty, throw it out and make a clean mixture.

Fill a new bowl with only cold distilled water. Dip a clean sponge in that and rub the shoe in the same manner as in step 3, to remove remnants of your cleaning mixture. Stuff the shoe with paper towels and put it in a location to air dry. Keep it away from direct heat.

Repeat these steps if the stain is still there after the shoe dries.