How to Make Bowling Ball Costumes

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There are several ways to create a bowling ball costume. This bowling ball will be flat to allow the wearer to sit. Preparation time for this costume, not including shopping for materials, should be an hour or less.

The total cost for the costume should fall well between £3 and £13 depending on where you get the materials. The construction is the same for an adult or a child.

Put the hoop or sled inside of the trash bag and tape it taunt using electrical tape. Try to position the bag so that it is seamless on the side that will be showing.

Cut three circles out of white paper. If you look at an actual bowling ball you will notice that the holes are different sizes. Make the thumb hole larger than the other two.

Tape the circles onto the trash bag by looping the electrical tape, or you can use clear tape.

Use an auger or other tool to create two holes in the top of the bowling ball. Lace some string through the holes to make a loop to hang the bowling ball around your neck.