How to Adjust a Swiss Military Watch Strap

The Hanowa Company was established in 1963. Hanowa watches come in a variety of different styles, but all Swiss Military styles have a stainless steel linked band. This band adds a classy look to give the watch a fashionable feel while allowing you to wear it with any outfit.

Adjusting the linked band will allow you to wear your Hanowa Swiss Military watch comfortably.

Measure the watch by placing it around your wrist and allowing the links to overlap.

Count the amount of links that overlap each other and add one to the number. When you remove the pins, you will want to remove them from both sides of the band. For example, if you are removing six pins, you will remove three from each side. If you have an odd number of links, then remove the extra one from one side.

Hold the watch in one hand with the links facing up.

Locate the pins on the side of the band. The pins will look like tiny holes on the side of each of the links.

Hold your link remover tool in the other hand and then line it up to one of the pins toward the centre of the band.

Push the link remover tool, delicately, against the pin until you feel the pin begin to move.

Pull the pin out from the link to release the link from the band.

Repeat Steps 3 through 7 for each additional link you are removing.

Line up the section of links that has a clasp on it to the section of links that the face of the watch is connected to.

Insert one of the loose pins back into the pinhole. Use one of the pins that was removed earlier.

Push the pin back into place either with your finger or the link remover tool. Repeat this step for the other side of the watch.