How to Make a Paper Mache Baby Bottle

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If your search for a great baby-shower decoration or pinata is turning up empty, why not make your own paper mache baby bottle? Using flour, water and newspaper, you can create a bottle of any size and decorate it to match the baby shower theme. Fill it with candy, bubbles or other small trinkets or just use it as a decoration. Either way, mom and the guests will be impressed by your homemade paper mache baby bottle.

Hold the top two inches or so of your long balloon between your fingertips. Blow up the balloon, keeping the air out of the tip, which will form the "nipple" of the baby bottle.

Crumple newspaper and secure it around the blown-up portion of the balloon with masking tape to make it thicker for the base of the bottle. Leave the nipple part uncovered. Remember that you will be removing the newspaper and balloon later, so secure it just enough to stay in place. You do not have to use newspaper down the entire length of the balloon. Leave another 3 inches or so below the nipple free from crumpled newspaper. If you do not want the bottle to be as long as your balloon, stop adding crumpled newspaper at the desired length.

Wrap cling film over the newspaper to keep the paper mache from sticking to the paper.

Tear newspapers into long strips. They do not have to be completely even or uniform, but don't make them too long or they will be difficult to handle with paste on them.

Mix one part flour to one part water in a large bowl to form the paste. You can instead mix three parts white glue with one part water to form the paste.

Dip a strip of newspaper into the paste mixture and scrape off the excess. The paper should be damp but not dripping paste.

Apply the newspaper strip over the cling film, pressing gently so it sticks. Continue adding newspaper strips dipped in the paste mixture until you have covered the entire base of your bottle in several layers of newspaper strips. Smooth the strips as you add them to create a uniform surface.

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Apply newspaper strips to the tip of the balloon and exposed balloon below it to form the nipple of the bottle. You may want to refer to an actual baby bottle picture to get the shape right. Curve the base of the nipple up into the rounded tip.

Add a thicker layer of newspaper strips between the base of the nipple and the bottle. Smooth the paper strips with your fingertips.

Let your entire baby bottle dry for one to two days. Add more layers if necessary and let it dry completely again. The more layers you add, the thicker and more durable the paper mache will be.

Pop the balloon with a pin and remove it from the paper mache baby bottle by pulling it gently. Pull the newspaper, tape and cling film from the bottle as well.

Fill the baby bottle with candy or other small items if desired. Turn the bottle on its side after the candy has been inserted and apply layers of paper mache to the open bottom of the bottle to seal it. Let dry again for one to two days until completely hard.

Paint your paper mache baby bottle with acrylic or poster paint. Paint a layer of white first to make adding colours easier. Decorate and hang as desired.

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