How to Make a Snow Globe With Baby Oil

Toronto Snowglobe image by Julian Kilsby from

Snow globes can be either elegant or whimsical, depending on the decorations inside and out. Creating your own snow globes is an easy craft for cold winter days when you would rather see the snow inside the snow globe than be outside. Snow globe crafts are also simple enough for young children to make with only minimal help from an adult. Baby oil, or mineral oil, is readily available and allows the snow to swirl and fall slowly within the globe.

Soak a baby food or other glass jar in warm water for 30 minutes to one hour to loosen the label. Peel off the label and remove any remaining adhesive by rubbing it with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Dry the jar and its lid with a soft cloth.

Glue small plastic figurines to the inside of the lid with aquarium glue. Use small toys or plastic cake decorations and set up the scene any way you like. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Fill the jar three-quarters full with baby oil. Use unscented oil, as scented oils may yellow over time.

Put 1 to 2 tsp of silver glitter or white plastic confetti in the jar. Alternately, wash and crush an eggshell and use this instead of glitter.

Squeeze a thin bead of aquarium glue onto the thread of the jar rim. Screw the lid on tightly and let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Turn the jar upside down so that the scene you glued onto the lid is on the bottom of the globe. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the lid and glue it in place to disguise the lid.

Shake up the jar and watch the snow "fall" on your scene.

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