How to regrip a badminton racket

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Over time, the handle of a badminton racket will wear or become slick from sweat and grime. A worn out grip can affect how you hold your racket and ultimately how you play. There are many kinds to grip to choose from. Some are textured, some are tacky and others have a cushioned feel.

No matter which one you use, by knowing how to replace your grip you can keep your racket fresh and save money.

Starting at the end nearest to the racket's head, remove the tape holding the grip in place. Unwind the grip. If there is a staple or tack holding the grip to the butt cap of the racket, remove it.

Clean the handle of any adhesive or sticky residue that may have been left from the old grip. Use a soft cloth with alcohol for this process. For stubborn areas, use a fine grit sandpaper. Wipe the handle clean.

Remove about 30 cm (12 inches) of the protective backing which covers the adhesive tape on the backside of the grip, starting with the tapered end.

Hold the racket in your left hand (if you are right-handed) so that the butt end is pointing up toward the sky. To help keep the racket stable while wrapping the handle, hold the racket head close to your body.

Stick the tapered end of the grip, pointing to the left, onto the bottom of the handle, flush with the butt cap. Hold the remainder of the grip with your right hand.

Rotate the grip clockwise with your left hand while your right hand wraps the new grip, in a spiral, around the handle. Keep the grip taut during the process. With each turn of the handle, the grip should overlap about 3 mm (1/8 inch). Continue to peel the protective backing and wrapping until you get to the top of the handle.

Lay the racket on a flat surface and hold the excess grip in your left hand. Line your scissors up with the top edge of the handle and make a straight cut. The end of the grip should now be tapered, similar to the end you started with.

Wrap the end around the handle and secure it with the finish tape.