How to Calibrate a Horizon Treadmill

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Horizon treadmills are commercial-quality machines that are made for the home market. The treadmills have won several awards including being named as one of the top eight treadmills in 2008 by "Runner's World Magazine" and being featured as a "Best Buy Runner-Up" by the treadmill online review site treadmilldoctor.

com in 2009. Like other treadmills, the Horizon models monitor the distance you have run, but they have to be calibrated to provide an accurate reading.

Turn the treadmill power to "On." Place the safety key in its place on the treadmill console.

Simultaneously press and hold the incline "+" and speed "-" buttons for approximately five seconds: The console will beep and display the software version in either the "Time" window or the "Calories/Elevation" window.

Press "Start" and allow the running belt to begin moving. The belt should start at 0.5mph. If this speed is not the speed your treadmill starts at, adjust the speed cube screw located under the control board. Turn the screw to slowly to the right to increase the speed or slowly to the left to decrease the speed.

Verify this speed is correct by counting the running belt revolutions per minute. At 0.5mph, the running belt should make four revolutions in a minute for the Alpine and Advance 500 models and four-and-a-half revolutions for all other models.

Press and hold the "Stop" button for three seconds to exit the engineering menu.