How to change your treadmill from kph to mph

man exercising on treadmill 6 image by Ken Hurst from

Treadmills are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of maintaining physical fitness. Most modern treadmills have a readout on their console that will track your speed over time in kilometres per hour or miles per hour. If your treadmill came with the wrong setting, it is possible to toggle between these two settings.

Switch the power off without unplugging the machine. Do not take the safety key out of its place.

Inspect the bottom of your console. The calibration switch is in a small hole. Insert the eraser end of a pencil into the hole and softly push the button. You will see CL11 on your console after you push this button.

Use the Speed + or - key to select MPH or KPH. Push the Power key to save your selection.

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