How to Watch DirecTV Online

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DirecTV has offered their customers the capability of watching television through online streaming. Owners of the HD DVR, a video recorder box that allows you to tape television shows and view them later, can stream programs on their computer monitor. There is no need for a satellite connection to your computer.

You can just log in to your online DirecTV account to begin watching previously recorded shows.

Set up your DirecTV HD DVR box. Plug the HD DVR power adaptor into a wall outlet; connect the Ethernet cable from the DVR to the Ethernet port on your home wireless adaptor, or directly into the port on your Internet router. Use your DirecTV remote to complete the network set up.

Locate the link to the download page for the DirecTV PC Playback adviser application (see References).

Check your information against the adviser application software requirements. Locate your Start menu, right-click on computer and select properties. Your operating system should be Windows 7 or XP, with a dual or quad processor and 512MB of RAM and video.

Select the application download button to save the file to your desktop. This is needed in order to install the software to your computer.

Find the downloaded file on your desktop and double-click the icon to begin the download process. If you received a warning in order to allow the changes on the computer select yes to continue. This will enable the DirecTV install shield to start.

Follow the prompts on the screen to finish the installation process. Once complete select finish to close the install shield.

Place your name and e-mail address in the appropriate fields on the membership DirecTV2PC application page (see References). This has to be completed in order to receive your application key. The key is needed to gain access to the online streaming television shows.