How to make storage cubes for LP records

Close up of old Vinyl Records - focus on the record image by Andrew Brown from

For every vinyl record collector, storage is a primary concern. This is especially true for record collectors with large collections. To maintain the physical and sonic quality of your record collection, LP records must be stored horizontally in a well ventilated room.

Storage cubes or small crates are optimal units for vinyl record storage. They allow you to store your records horizontally and to transport them easily.

Purchase five thin sheets of plywood or pine wood. Make sure each piece of wood has the same thickness, and use the same type of wood for each sheet.

Measure out two pieces for the sides of the cube, at 14 by 10 inches. Then measure out two more pieces at 14 by 10 inches for the front and back pieces. Finally, measure out the bottom, or base, piece at 15 by 10 inches. Use a small framer's square when marking out each piece to avoid any uneven saw cuts.

Label each measured sheet as you mark them out. For instance, label the 15 by 10-inch piece "Bottom," and the other pieces "Front," "Back," etc.

Cut out each piece with a bandsaw or jigsaw. Cut as straight as possible to avoid an unlevel cube. Avoid using high-powered saws with thin, lightweight woods like pine.

Assemble the five pieces into a cube formation to see how it looks. Lay the bottom piece down, and line up the first side piece with the bottom piece. Make sure the corners and edges are perfectly aligned.

Use a tack hammer to nail the first side piece to the base piece on the two adjoining corners on the bottom side of the box. Repeat this process, nailing all side pieces to the base sheet of wood. Then nail the adjoining corners of the side pieces together until the cube is fully constructed.