Instructions for a Tommee Tippee Microwave Sterilizer

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Sterilising baby products such as bottles, pacifiers and nipple shields without chemicals is important and safe. Tommee Tippee Microwave Sterilizer uses steam to kill up to 99.9% of germs, according to the manufacturer. It can be used with any microwave and is compact enough for travel. Up to four bottles can be sterilised at once in addition to other products such as pacifiers in as little as four minutes.

Wash bottles, pacifiers, nipple shields and other items in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher before sterilising them. Wash them separately from other dishes, especially greasy dishes. Disassemble the parts if necessary.

Remove the tray of the microwave sterilizer from its base. Pour about 200ml of water into the base of the sterilizer and replace the tray.

Place the bottle parts separately into the tray of the sterilizer. Place the bottle necks into any of the four round locators (areas) around the edges of the tray and the bottle hoods into the round locators closer to the centre of the tray. The bottle neck is the actual bottle while the bottle hood is the cap of the bottle that makes it leak-free. Put the screw ring and teat, which is the rubber mouthpiece, onto the vertical rectangular locators. If using anticolic bottles, place the valve into the smaller hole within the locator for the bottle neck and the fitment into the rectangular areas located on the edge of the tray. The valve in anticolic bottles is the tube located in the middle of the bottle while the fitment is the ring that holds the valve in place.

Close the sterilizer by placing the removable lid over the base. The base is the bottom part of the sterilizer in which the tray is located. Make sure the sterilizer is now closed tightly.

Put the sterilizer into the microwave. Program the microwave for full power for four to eight minutes, depending on the wattage of your microwave: 1) microwaves with over 1,100 watts = four minutes; 2) microwaves with 850 to 1,000 watts = six minutes; and 3) microwaves with up to 800 watts = eight minutes.

Leave the sterilizer in the microwave for three minutes to let it cool. Remove it from the microwave using a towel or oven gloves.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the sterilised items. Remove the lid of the sterilizer away from you to allow the steam to escape and carefully start removing the sterilised items. Remember that they will be hot. Use clean tongs to remove small items.The sterilised items will remain sterile for 24 hours if the sterilizer is unopened.

Drain the sterilizer by removing its tray and spilling the leftover water from its base into a sink. Rinse all parts of the sterilizer using soapy water.

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