How to Descale Tefal Quick Cup

Descaling your Tefal Quick Cup regularly will prolong the appliance's lifetime, advises the Tefal website. Descale your appliance at least once every two months -- more often if you live in an area with especially hard water. Some models of the Tefal Quick Cup contain a green descaling indicator light. This is located above the nozzle, next to the hot water button. Descale your Quick Cup when this light is lit.

Lift the lid off your Tefal Quick Cup and set it aside. Insert your hand into the water tank and grasp the Claris filter cartridge firmly. Twist it in a counter-clockwise direction, until it becomes loose. Pull the cartridge up and out of the appliance.

Grasp the handle on the water tank and pull upwards. The water tank will pull easily from its base. Pour out any water that remains in the water tank. Return the water tank to its base.

Pour one litre of white vinegar into the water tank. Put the lid securely onto the water tank.

Place a container under the nozzle. It must be capable of holding at least a litre and a half of liquid.

Locate the hot and ambient water buttons, which are positioned directly above the nozzle.

If the green indicator light is lit, hold down both buttons simultaneously for five seconds. This will initiate the descaling cycle.

Hold the two buttons down simultaneously for at least ten seconds, if the green indicator light is not lit. This will light the indicator light and initiate the descaling cycle.

Allow the appliance to run the descaling cycle, until the green indicator light turns off. This will take approximately ten minutes.

Empty the container under the nozzle, which is now full of vinegar. Refill the water tank with water and replace the lid. Put the container under the nozzle once more.

Press and hold either the hot water button, or the ambient temperature button, to rinse your appliance of vinegar. Release the button when the water tank is empty, and the container under the nozzle is full.

Return the Claris filter cartridge to the socket at the bottom of the water tank. Twist clockwise until you meet resistance. Replace the lid.

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