How to Glue Sea Glass

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Sea glass is distinctive in colour and texture, making it a popular choice as decorative embellishments for many craft projects. Attaching the sea glass to an object can be difficult, especially if the sea glass is curved with thin edges, as many pieces are. You can glue sea glass with a variety of adhesives, but you must sometimes get creative in the placement of the glass in order to maintain adhesion. Select the right glue for the job, and your sea glass projects will last beautifully.

Glue flat pieces of sea glass for indoor projects with E-6000 or hot glue. E-6000 is clear and works well with any kind of glass, wood or metal. If you're decorating a picture frame with sea glass or attaching it to a treasure box, make sure that the glue you select is clear. Hot glue will attach the sea glass well to any object, but items attached with hot glue are easier to remove than items attached with E-6000. Hot glue will set up faster, so if you're in a hurry, it's your best choice.

Glue flat pieces of sea glass onto outdoor projects with Clear Liquid Nails or a similar clear, waterproof adhesive. If you're gluing the sea glass onto a planter or making a simple mosaic table for your patio, waterproof adhesive is your best option. You can also press sea glass into thinset if you're creating a standard outdoor mosaic, but you may be able to see the mortar through the glass.

Glue curved pieces of sea glass with the help of a supporting element. The support need not take away from your creation -- it can blend in by being the same colour as the sea glass. Small glass marbles and flat-backed cabochons work well as supports for the curved sea glass. Make sure that the curve of the sea glass fits over the marble or cabochon, and then glue the support piece onto your object. It's not necessary to allow the glue to dry before you apply glue to the edges of the curved glass that will touch the object, and to the centre portion of the sea glass that will touch the support. E-6000, Clear Liquid Nails or hot glue will work.

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