How to level a snooker table

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A snooker table, just like pool and billiard tables, needs to have a level surface to be able to play properly. Snooker tables have a heavy slab of slate below the cloth covering to provide a solid playing surface that also adds a large amount of weight to the table. This is why levelling a snooker table can seem daunting, but the levelling procedure takes place below the table, at the feet.

Place a spirit level in the middle of the table along the length and see which end of the table is higher, the right or the left side.

Turn the level sideways to the end of the table you found to be higher. The higher corner of the table on the level is the tallest leg of the table and all of the other legs will be raised to match that leg.

Place the end of a crowbar under the wooden part of one of the shorter legs next to the tallest one.

Slide a small block of wood under the crowbar so you can use it as a fulcrum and press the crow bar down until the leg lifts off the floor.

Turn the metal foot of the leg to left to loosen it. This will make the leg stand taller.

Check the level of the table between the tallest leg and the one you just adjusted. You may need to move the foot up or down to get a perfect level.

Move around the table, adjusting each leg until the table is level wherever you put the spirit level.

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