How to Get 360 Waves Without Greasy Hair

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Waves that circle around the entire head are called 360 waves. Hair that curls naturally and creates "tufts" is the best texture for creating 360 waves. When brushing the curls out so that they grow along your scalp instead of upward will create the wave look. Achieving 360 waves requires training and maintenance. It may sound intimidating, but in actuality, it's all about brushing.

Visit your local hair salon or barber shop and ask for a very low cut. Ask for a Guard 1, Guard 1.5 or Guard 2. It is also called a light Caesar cut, depending on whom you ask.

Wash your hair in the shower, lathering by going with the grain of your hair (the direction in which it grows). Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Brush your hair while still in the shower, going with the grain of your hair. Continue brushing for about five minutes (or longer if desired).

Pat dry your hair with a towel, leaving it only slightly damp.

Put a dime-sized amount of lightweight moisturiser into the palm of your hand. Rub both palms together and smooth the moisturiser through your hair while going with the grain.

Brush again for five minutes with the moisturiser on the hair. Do not forget to go in the direction of your hair.

Put a durag or stocking cap over your hair. While the cap is on your head, spritz it with a water bottle to keep it damp.

Remove the cap at least three times during the day (it's best to do it as often as possible), and spray your hair again with water and brush.

Leave your cap on when you're sleeping so that you do not render your efforts pointless.

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