How to make mini cardboard church benches

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Church benches, also called pews, are usually arranged in rows inside a church facing the altar or pulpit. If you're making a miniature church for your small dolls, building small benches out of cardboard is an easy and cost-free way to add furniture. This is a simple enough project that even young children can do it -- no special skills are required. All you need is some cardboard, scissors, tape and a little bit of creativity.

Plan your pew design. Basing it on real pews you've seen in a church or a picture is the easiest way. If you want a simple, backless bench you'll need a rectangle for the seat and two more for the legs. If you want a traditional pew with a back and armrests, you'll need another rectangle for the backrest. You can make the legs and armrest one piece, just like those in real pews.

Draw the shapes you need onto the cardboard and cut them out. Trace along the side of a ruler to give you a straight edge for the back and seat pieces. The exact sizes are up to you, but the back should be slightly taller than the depth of the seat, to get a high enough backrest. The side pieces should be approximately twice as tall as the back piece.

Assemble the pieces with Scotch or masking tape. The seat and backrest should be attached along their longest side, where they meet at the back of the seat. Tape the leg and armrest pieces onto either end of the seat and back, with the backrest slightly reclined at an angle to give it a comfortable shape. Always apply the tape to the side least likely to be seen -- the underside of the seat or the inside of the armrest.

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