How to Make a Honda Vision Moped Go Faster

scooter a moorea image by Vetea TOOMARU from

You can make your Honda Vision moped faster by making mechanical alterations to the moped's air intake and variator systems. Airflow into your engine is inhibited by the plastic intake case and power transfer between the engine and drive belt is inhibited by a speed-restricting washer in the variator system.

Removing the plastic intake case as well as the speed-restricting washer will make your Honda Vision moped go faster.

Unscrew the two bolts holding the intake case to the top of the variator case with a socket wrench.

Unscrew the single bolt holding the intake case to the connection point on the underside of the rear wheel well.

Pull the intake case toward the rear of the scooter until the plastic components clear the edges of the rear tyre's well.

Remove the air intake case. This will give you better access to the bolts securing the top half of the variator case lid.

Detach the kickstart from the outside of the variator. The kickstart is attached with a bolt-and-pin combo. The head of the pin is secured by a bolt. Loosening this bolt allows you to pull the pin and remove the kickstart from the variator.

Remove the six bolts around the outside of the lid of the variator case and pull the lid off the variator. The six bolts are the same size as those holding the intake case onto the moped.

Secure the front pulley wheel with a strap wrench by wrapping the strap end around the wheel and wedging the handle so the wheel won't turn as you unscrew the centre bolt.

Unscrew the centre bolt of the front pulley wheel and remove the wheel from the variator system. Two mechanical components are also secured to the back of the pulley wheel. They include a spacing washer and a coupling piece marrying the pulley wheel to the kick start.

Grab the small washer around the base of the front pulley rod with a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull this washer off the rod.

Reassemble your variator and attach your kickstart.