How to Derestrict a Yamaha Jog R Scooter

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Destricting your Yamaha Jog R scooter will increase its top speed, making it faster and safer to operate on larger roads. A small washer located in the scooter's variator case restricts your Jog R scooter's top speed.

Removing this washer will allow the pulley system in your variator case to operate at full potential, allowing your scooter to accelerate faster and drive at a greater speed.

Take the kickstand off of the left side of the scooter. You will need to loosen the hex nut at the point where the kickstand attaches to the variator case. You will then need to pull the end of the hex nut up, which will disengage its connection to the variator case, allowing you to pull the kickstand off the case.

Unscrew the two bolts holding the intake cover in place, giving you access to the variator case.

Remove the bolts holding the metal lid of the variator case in place. The lid is held in place by six bolts, three on top and three on bottom. Unscrew them with a socket wrench, and set the lid and bolts aside.

Unscrew the centre bolt attached to the front pulley wheel in the variator case. You will need an impact wrench to remove this bolt, as a regular socket wrench will merely cause the front wheel to turn as you attempt to unscrew the bolt.

Remove the faceplate, the bolt from the front pulley wheel along with the two other mechanical pieces attached to it. These pieces include a spacing washer and a mechanical piece that looks like a fattened washer with teeth on one side. This piece connects the pulley wheel to the starter. The four pieces should fit together.

Remove the washer off of the rod revealed when you took the faceplate off the front pulley.

Put the variator case back together.