How do I Derestrict a Ay50 Scooter?

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Scooters are an enjoyable and economical mode of transportation. The less CCs a scooter has, the cheaper the scooter tends to be, and one of the most inexpensive 50CC scooters on the market is the Ay50. With a low cost, however, comes a low top speed. However, the speed of your Ay50 can be increased somewhat if you remove the restricting washer from the variator case. Derestricting your Ay50 scooter will improve its acceleration capabilities as well as raise its overall top speed.

Remove the kickstart from the side of your scooter. It is attached to the scooter's variator system by a small pin which you will need to loosen before pulling slightly out. Pulling the pin out will allow you to remove the kickstart.

Open up your variator system. The lid of the system is held in place by six bolts positioned around its lid. These bolts can be removed with a standard socket wrench.

Disassemble the front pulley wheel in your variator system. The pulley wheel is held in place by a single bolt through its centre point. Attempting to remove the bolt with just a socket wrench will frustrate you, as every time you turn the wrench, the wheel will turn. You will need to either use a high-powered impact wrench, or you will need to secure the front pulley wheel with a strap wrench before using a standard socket wrench. Do this by wrapping the strap end of the wrench around the wheel and wedging the handle underneath the rear pulley wheel.

Take the small spacing washer off of the rod to which the front pulley wheel was attached. This washer restricts the speed of your Ay50 by spacing the variator belt from the rod.

Put your variator system back together and reattach the kickstart.

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