How to Make a Honda Sh50 Faster

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Make your Honda Sh50 faster through enhancing one of several important mechanical components on your current scooter such as its exhaust, airflow, wind resistance and drive belt restriction.

By making alterations to these components or by installing aftermarket items you can cut down on the motor's inefficiency and raise your Elite's overall speed by up to 10 miles per hour.

Drill holes straight into your Elite's intake or remove the intake altogether in order to increase the airflow to your engine. Unscrew the two main bolts holding the consumption case to the top of the variator case with an outlet wrench. A variator is the mechanical energy transmission unit within the Sh50 that can change the gear percentage on a consistent basis.

Unscrew the small bolt holding the Elite's intake case to the connection point on the underside of the rear wheel well. The Elite's intake is the black plastic part on the left side of your Elite's scooter above the box (variator system) that the kickstart is attached to.

Push the intake case toward the corner of the scooter until the plastic gears clear the perimeters of the rear tyre's frame. The intake links to your Elite's variator with a pair of bolts and secures below the rear rim frame with a single bolt.

Remove the air intake case from the engine. This tends to provide you with better access to the mounting bolts securing the top section of the variator case lid.

Detach the kickstart arm from the outside of your Sh50's variator. The kickstart is securely attached with a new bolt-and-pin combo. The head of the pin will be secured with a bolt. Loosening this small bolt allows you to yank the pin and remove the kickstart from the variator.

Take off the six bolts around the outside of the lid on the variator case and yank the lid off the variator. These six bolts are the same dimension as those holding the intake case onto the scooter.

Secure the front pulley wheel strap wrench by gift wrapping the strap conclusion around the wheel and wedging the actual handle so that the wheel is not going to turn as you unscrew the guts bolt. Disconnect the restricting appliance from the variator system to de-restrict your Elite. Unscrew the border bolts and then disconnect the front pulley wheel to open the variator system.

Remove the centre bolt of the Sh50's pulley wheel and remove the wheel from your variator system. Underneath this wheel you will see a tiny washer that restricts your Elite's drive belt. Pull this washer off and place your variator back together in the reverse order that you removed them. Two mechanical components are well secured to the back of the pulley wheel. They include a spacing washer plus a coupling piece that connects the pulley wheel to the kickstart.

Grab the little washer around the lower front pulley rod using a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull the washer off the rod.

Reconstruct your variator and reconnect your kickstart.

Swap out the scooter's muffler to eliminate excessive fume build-up in the engine. Often a person will remove the Elite's muffler altogether or replace it with a more capable muffler from your scooter and motorbike retailer. The muffler attaches to your Elite's exhaust system with a clip securer and a few bolts on the lower muffler. Unclip the securer and unscrew the bolts to remove your muffler.