Speedmaster 7000 instructions

The Speedmaster 7000 is designed to cover distances and record speeds that you attain using your bike. It does this by having a small sensor that is attached to your wheel broadcast information to a trip computer on your bike, which displays information such as distance covered, current speed, average speed and time spent on your bike.

Attach the two loops included with the Speedmaster to the bottom of the clip part of the device.

Loop the clip part around the handle of your bike using the loops you tied on.

Attach the sensor-reading end of the Speedmaster to one of the front struts of the bike, ideally so the sensor is facing the wheel. Connect the wire included with the Speedmaster between the sensor reader and the clip.

Connect the cylinder-shaped sensor to one of the spokes of your bike, aligning it with the sensor reader.

Attach the screen part of the device to the clip attached to the bike handle.

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