How to find my criminal convictions

Finding your criminal conviction information may be pertinent to you. Whether you would like to review the information or use it for other purposes, locating the information on your convictions may seem tricky. Luckily, you have a few different options for locating the information yourself. Searching for it should not take too long.

Visit the "Criminal Justice Division" website for the state where you received your conviction. For example, if your conviction happened in Florida, you would visit a Florida Criminal Justice Division website. You will be able to access your court information by searching the website. Depending on how much detail you are looking for. you may be required to pay for the information. Basic information may be free to the public, while obtaining more detailed information may require a fee.

Visit a public records website and enter your information, including your name, date of birth, social security number and location. A public records search will find all public data from every state. You may have to pay to copy the records you find, but most public records are free. If you would like to view the full details on your convictions and not just a brief description, you may need to pay for your file.

Visit the courthouse that issued your convictions. Visit the courts "Records" room and view your file. You may need to search multiple indexes, depending on the courts organizational system and whether the case is considered "Open" or "Closed." You may view all files for free, but if you wish to make a copy of the information, you may be charged for it.

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