How to Dismantle a Trampoline

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A trampoline is a good time for kids and adults alike. Who doesn't like to get out there and bounce around? The sensation of weightlessness tickles your tummy and imitates the feeling of flight, if only for a moment. But as much fun as a trampoline is, it takes up a lot of room. There may be times when you want to take it down and store it away, such as for the winter or when you need the space it occupies in your yard. Disassembling your trampoline is a quick job--once you know how.

Remove the netting of the safety enclosure, if your trampoline has one. Fold it up and lay it aside.

Remove the poles that hold up the safety enclosure. Stack all of the poles together.

Remove the padded cover from the springs.

Remove the springs that hold the mat in place. An easy way to do this is to remove every third spring, working your way around the edge. When you reach your starting point, start again, removing one spring next to the empty space where you removed one previously. This method releases the tension on the jumping surface gradually and makes it easier to remove.

Place all of the springs in a container. Roll or fold the mat up for storage.

Disassemble the frame components and group them together by type.

Place all the parts in plastic tubs and store them until you are ready to reassemble the trampoline.

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