How to make a chair into a throne

TonyLomas/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you are decorating a little girl's room with a princess theme, or throwing a princess-theme birthday party, you can transform a regular wooden chair into a beautiful throne with just a few materials. Making your own throne means you can customise it however you want.

Get creative, and remember, you don't have to use only pink.

Tie a chair cushion to the seat of the chair. It doesn't matter which colour you use since it won't be visible when you are finished.

Tape a piece of thick cardboard to the back of the chair. The size depends on the size of your chair. However, it should extend at least 30 cm (12 inches) above the back of the chair.

Throw a sheet or some fabric over the chair so you cover the entire chair. Add tulle over the fabric for a layered effect. Use different colours, such as green tulle over light blue fabric, or different shades of the same colour, such as lavender tulle over plum-purple fabric.

Wrap a section of long, thick ribbon around the back of the chair, and tie a large bow behind the chair.

Gather the excess fabric around the chair's front legs, and use safety pins to hold the fabric in place. You can make bows from the extra ribbon, and glue the bows to each safety pin to hide them.

Write "Princess" or the child's name on the chair with fabric paint, and decorate it with adhesive rhinestones or sequins.