How to pick your own mobile number

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Some cellular providers allow you to select a mobile number based on what's available. You can also transfer your old phone number to a new carrier and phone. Contact your cellular provider to determine whether you can choose a specific number. Depending upon whether you are setting up service or changing a phone number on an existing account, you can select or transfer a phone number online, by phone or in person. There is no fee to select a number when the phone is first activated, but afterwards a fee may be charged.

Pick your own mobile number online. When you set up a prepaid phone for the first time, you can select a number as part of the registration. This option is only available for prepaid phones, and a list of available numbers is provided. Sometimes you can select the option to display more numbers if you aren't satisfied with the ones provided. You can also transfer an old mobile number online, and sometimes a landline number as well.

Select a mobile phone number by phone. Call the provider and ask for a specific number or for a new number from available numbers in your area. The provider will offer the first number available or allow you to select the prefix or first three digits. You can also transfer your old phone number, as long as that number is still available.

Get your own phone number in person. When you activate a phone or start new mobile service at a retail outlet, often you can select from available numbers, submit a prefix or transfer a number. The customer-service rep will enter in a specific number or help you find a phone number that you like from the list of available numbers. You can transfer an old mobile number; some carriers will allow you to transfer landline numbers as well.

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