How to plan a romantic indoor picnic

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Nothing says relaxed and romantic like a picnic. Picnics offer an economical date with lots of room for creativity in their planning. However, outdoor picnics can be risky.

If you forget something, you have to go without, and the weather does not always cooperate; plus, the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating romance falls in February, when outdoor picnics are not a comfortable option in many regions. With some planning and imagination, indoor picnics can be just as romantic and rewarding.

Set a date. Picnics require a lot of planning and preparation. Going to all the trouble to set up the picnic and then having to bag it because the date was not set ahead of time would lead to frustration, not romance.

Plan the menu. In keeping with the picnic theme, consider finger foods, which are easier to eat sitting on the floor. Of course, finger food requires napkins, so have some linen napkins set out ahead of time. Plan a menu of items you can make ahead of time so you do not have to run in and out of the kitchen continuously. Keep the food light and simple. The evening is about you two enjoying each other, so do not complicate it with intricate food choices.

Plan the beverages. Drink choices will depend on your personal preferences. If you are not alcohol drinkers, you might want to stick with water. Sparkling wine is always a romantic choice, but not everyone likes it. If you have light coloured carpeting or are concerned about spills, avoid any dark liquids such as red wine, coffee or soda.

Select music. One of the best things about having your picnic indoors is that you can set the tone with music. Choose a selection you both like that will provide peaceful background music.

Set the scene. Lay down a blanket in the living room, light some candles, set out flowers. You could even string Christmas lights. Make sure the picnic location is clean and neat.

Keep the mood relaxed. Even with an indoor picnic, be ready to go with the flow. The evening does not have to be perfect to be memorable.