How to Remove Gloss Paint From Jackets

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Gloss paint adds a professional finish to decorating projects, but it is nothing but a nuisance when you get it on your jacket. Don't despair; you can avoid consigning the jacket to the trash by using a few common household items to lift the paint.

Avoid trying to rub the paint off while wet; you may spread the paint and push it deeper into the fabric. Allow the paint to dry completely before tackling its removal.

Ease the edge of a razor blade between the gloss paint and the fabric. Try to lift as much of the paint off as possible.

Use a pair of tweezers to pull any lumps of gloss paint away from the fabric.

Dip the end of a cotton bud into nail varnish remover and rub over any remaining paint to dissolve it. Continue this process, frequently changing the cotton buds, until the gloss paint is no longer visible on the jacket. Dab off excess nail varnish remover with a tissue.

Follow the instruction on the jacket's label and wash or dry-clean as appropriate.