How to remove rubber turf marks from soccer shoes

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Playing soccer inside usually means playing on an artificial turf field. The turf can make it hard for the player to run and keep balance, making it a necessity to wear turf soccer shoes. After playing a game on the turf, you may notice your soccer shoes have turf scuff marks on the leather.

It's important to maintain your soccer shoes to extend the life and performance of them. Cleaning off turf scuff marks can be done with household products and leave you with a clean, fresh pair of soccer shoes for your next game or practice.

Place the soccer shoes on a flat surface. Use a wet rag to wipe away any large pieces of debris or loose dirt.

Apply some non-gel toothpaste to the rag and rub the turf mark on the leather. Use a toothbrush to scrub the turf mark out of the leather. If needed, rub more toothpaste into the mark. Continue this process until the mark is no longer visible.

Rinse the rag and clean the toothpaste off the soccer shoes. Allow the soccer shoes to air dry completely before using.