How to make a maypole centerpiece

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Make a beautiful Maypole to serve as the centrepiece of your table. The celebration of the Maypole comes from a Pagan holiday known as Mayday, which held May 1. A conventional Maypole is usually a very tall wooden pole decorated with colourful streamers and ribbons with bright and vivid colours.

The streamers hang down loosely from the pole. This festive decoration is sure to add character to your table and most likely you will keep the Maypole there for a long time and not just on May 1.

Paint the paper towel roll with bright colours and create stripes all around the roll. The brighter you paint the roll, the better because later on you will have streamers all around it and you want to see the colours through the streamers.

Paint the small piece of cardboard using similar colours. This small piece will serve as the stand or base for the colourful paper towel roll. Leave the roll and cardboard stand to dry. An hour should suffice.

Glue one end of the roll to the cardboard support so that the roll is standing erect. You can also use scotch tape for extra support.

Tape different colour streamers all around the paper towel roll. Also tape the tips of some streamers to the inside of the coloured roll allowing the streamers to hang outside of the roll. Use different sized streamers by cutting them to different lengths. Some should be long enough to hang all the way down the pole.