Instructions for Idect Phones

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iDect produced home phones, including the X3, a slim, cordless model with space for 200 contacts and SMS functionality. The phone has a 1.5-inch colour LCD screen, alarm clock and 10 ring tones. In addition, the X3 has call transfer functionality, a 20-call memory for the most recently dialled numbers and a lockable keypad. The features read more like a mobile phone than a home phone, but the general operations of the X3 and other iDect phones are simple to pick up.

Press the "Hang up/C" button to switch the X3 on. This button is to the right of the four-way "Navigation" buttons and directly above the "SMS" button, shown by an envelope icon. This is the same on other iDect models, such as the X1, where the button is in the same position, but the unit doesn't have the "SMS" button, so the button is directly above the number "3" on this model.

Press the "Phone" button to open up a line. The dial tone should sound, and then you can enter your desired number. The "Phone" button is located two keys above the "1" key, and directly above the "Speakerphone" key. The "Speakerphone" key can also be pressed to initiate a call through the iDect phone's speaker. The "Phone" and "Speakerphone" controls occupy the same button in the older X1 model.

Press "Up" and "Down" on the "Navigation" buttons to adjust the volume of the call through the five possible volume levels on the X3.

Press the right "Soft" key followed by the left "Soft" key to bring up your phonebook. The "Soft" keys operate the function written onscreen that corresponds with their position and are located in the top left and top right corners of the number pad. Scroll down through your contacts list until the person you wish to call is highlighted. Press "Phone" to dial the number. On the X1, pressing the "Down" button on the four-way navigational control will bring up the phonebook.

Press the "Hang up/C" button to end the current call at any stage. You can press "Up" on the "Navigation" button on the X3 to view your most recently dialled numbers. On the X1, the button to do this is "Right." The number is then scrolled to and dialled in the same way as with the phonebook entry.

Press the "Phone" or "Speakerphone" button to answer a call, depending on whether you want the call to be routed through the loudspeaker.

Press the "Message" button and then the right "Soft" key to bring up the "New Message" screen.

Type your message using the letters on the keypad. This is done in the same way as texting on a mobile phone.

Press the right "Soft" key when you have done writing your message and then press it again to reach the "Number" input screen. You can either enter the number manually or press the right "Soft" key to search through your phonebook. Find the number and select it with the right "Soft" key.

Press the right "Soft" key a final time to send the message.

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