Instructions for a Panasonic KX-T7668

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Panasonic's KX-T7668 is a desk telephone with an LCD display screen, speakerphone and eight lines, each with a dedicated line button. It is useful for the office, and has many useful features, such as conference call, that are indispensable in professional situations.

If you bought the phone second-hand or lost the original instructions, it can be difficult to get the most out of your KX-T7668, but the key operations are relatively straightforward.

Lift the phone's receiver. If you're dialling an extension number, enter it on the keypad. If you're dialling an outside line, press "9," then dial the number.

Press the "Redial" button to dial the last number you called again. The "Redial" button is underneath the number buttons, beneath the "*" key.

Press "6" if the line you're dialling is engaged, and the KX-T7668 will set an "Automatic Callback." After the tone sounds, hang up the receiver and wait for the callback to be connected.

Lift the receiver and press "*," then "3," and then "0" to set up a "Speed Dial." Now you have to set the "Speed Dial" number. Enter any two numbers; these will be used in future to dial this contact. Then enter the number you wish to dial, remembering to include "9" for an outside line. Finally, press the "#" key, wait for the confirmation tone, and hang up the phone.

Press the "Hold" button to place the current conversation on "Hold." This mutes your phone and allows you momentarily leave the phone without losing the call. You can hang up the receiver and not disconnect the conversation. To pick the line back up, lift the receiver and press the appropriate "Line" button, which are on the right edge of the KX-T7668.

Press the "Transfer" button to transfer the call to another person. The "Transfer" button is circular, and two buttons above the number "2." If you're transferring internally (to an extension number), type in the number and the phone will connect you. You have the option of speaking to the other party first, or you can replace the receiver to transfer the call. If you're dialling an outside line, press any available "Line" button, and dial the number, preceded by a "9." Again, you can speak to the recipient first, or replace the receiver to transfer the call.

Press the "Speakerphone" button in the bottom right corner of the controls to route the call through the speaker. The phone now operates hands-free, and you can replace the receiver without disconnecting the call.

Press any other "Line" button and dial any number to conference call. To do this, you must have assigned the line as a "Conference Line" beforehand. First, press the "Program" button, then press the desired "Line" button. Dial "4" and then "9," before pressing "Store" to save your changes. "Store" is above the number "3." To finalise the process, press the "Program" button again. A conference call is a phone conversation with more than two parties on the same line.