How to Reset Wyse Thin Client

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Wyse is a cloud client computing manufacturer that develops a variety of thin clients. Wyse thin clients are unconventional computers delivering the dynamic user-experience a PC provides without the risks and complexities.

These thin clients are compact, energy efficient and as productive as a desktop, plus they have no moving parts (fans, hard drives), and their lifespan is proven to go beyond those of comparable PCs. If for any reason you find it necessary to reset your Wyse thin client, you can accomplish this swiftly; however, you will need to be a high-privileged or stand-alone user.

Turn off the thin client (your monitor can stay on).

Restart your thin client.

Tap the "G" key on your thin client's keyboard continuously as it restarts. If you don't have the original Wyse keyboard, you can also reset your thin client this way; however, depending on your keyboard, you may need to keep the "G" key pressed instead of tapping it repeatedly. Either way, once the thin client restarts, the resetting process will be completed.

Click on the "Start" button and select either the "Shutdown and Restart the System" or the "Shutdown the System" option. This will vary depending on your thin client model.

Click to select the check box that says "Reset the system setting to factory defaults."

Click the "OK" tab, and once your thin client shuts down, it will reset all configuration items.