How to put in earbud headphones

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Earbud headphones are tiny headphones that rest inside the ear when being used by a listener. This type of headphone is convenient when compared to typical headphones with a frame, as they are smaller and easier to carry around. Some earbud headphones come with their own carrying case. You must properly insert your earbud headphones to prevent them from falling out. If an earbud headphone is inserted into the wrong ear, it will not stay in place.

Examine the earbud headphones closely. The headphones should be labelled "R" and "L" for "Right" and "Left." This lets you know which earbud headphone goes in which ear.

Grasp the base of the right earbud headphone. Carefully push it speaker first into your ear opening. It should feel snug inside, but should not be pushed too far into the ear opening. Repeat with the left earbud headphone.

Plug the earbud headphone jack into your music player and begin listening to music. If the earbuds hurt your ears, the volume may be too high. Consider lowering it to prevent eardrum damage.

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