How to Decorate a Bay Window Sill

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There is little that is more picturesque than a bay window sill that catches the sunlight and allows you to take in the view from the comfort of your home. You can make your bay window area even more charming by implementing a few clever decorative skills.

Think plush cushions, a fresh coat of paint and a comforting throw. Beautify your bay window and unleash your creative soul at the same time.

Clean and prepae your bay window sill. Wipe over the whole area with a warm soapy water solution. Ensure that the sponge you use is not too wet, and change water a few times if the sill is very dirty or dusty. Sand down the sill after you have cleaned it to ensure that any old paint flakes are removed.

Choose a paint colour for your bay window sill. White or cream are usually good neutral options, as they allow you to be more creative with your decorations at a later stage. Ensure that you use a paint that is suitable for the surface. Window sills usually have a durable and shiny acrylic-based paint. Ask your paint supplier for the best product for your bay window.

Paint the bay window. Allow your first coat to dry and then do a second coat.

Choose cushions for your bay window. For a monochromatic look, choose several cushions in varying shades of one colour. For example, if you would like to decorate your bay window sill with blue cushions, choose navy blue, brilliant blue, baby blue and cornflour blue cushions. Also consider mixing prints and solid colours. Place the cushions along the seat. Add a similarly coloured throw to give the area an even more inviting look.