How to Remove Scuffs From a Car Interior

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Scuff marks on the interior of a car can make the vinyl, dashboard, console and doors look dirty and unkempt. Most scuff marks are caused by soiled shoes and general wear and tear. In order to effectively eradicate unsightly scuff marks on the interior of your car, expensive products do not have to be used. Household baking soda is just as effective and more economical than most expensive automobile cleaning products. Several basic cleaning techniques using baking soda can help you remove scratches and scuff marks that have temporarily scarred the appearance of your car.

Create a cleaning paste using baking soda. Add a 1/3 cup of water to 1 cup of baking soda and mix together in a clean plastic bowl. Stir together until the mixture resembles the texture of toothpaste.

Dampen a soft, clean cotton cloth and dip the cloth in the baking soda mixture. Rub the mixture on scuffs and scratches on the interior of your car. Apply the mixture liberally to scuffs on the dashboard, doors and console. Use elbow grease and scrub diligently to eradicate the unsightly scuff marks.

Wash the baking soda mixture off the interior of the car, using a clean, damp cloth and warm water. Wipe away all dirt and grime associated with the scuff mark. Rinse the entire area with clean, warm water.

Add a few drops of liquid washing powder to the warm water. Wash the entire area with the warm, soapy water to clean all of the baking soda off the vinyl areas. Rinse the entire area with warm water.

Dry the dashboard, doors and console with a soft, dry cotton cloth. For tough stains, repeat the procedure until the scuff marks fade away. Keep feet off the freshly cleaned area.

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