How to remove fine scratches from chrome plating

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Chrome plating refers to a thin layer of chromium that has been electroplated onto the surface of a metal object. Chrome provides corrosive resistance and may be used decoratively on appliances or automobiles. During the life of a chrome-plated surface, it may become scratched.

You can remove light scratches from the surface of chrome plating with a special chrome polish/protectant you can find at many auto and hardware stores.

Ensure your chrome-plated surface is at room temperature and not in direct sunlight. If the surface is on a car, move the car into a covered area. Put on the rubber gloves.

Coat the scratched surface and superfine #0000-grade steel wool in the chrome polish. Do not allow any dry portions of the steel wool to come in contact with the chrome plating, as this will result in a dulled finish.

Swirl the steel wool over the scratched surface in small circles. Scratches may take several minutes of buffing to be worked out of the plating. Apply more chrome polish/protectant liberally and often.

Wipe the surface with a microfiber towel to clean off the polish/protectant and evaluate the area. Repeat application of the chrome polish/protectant, buffing and wiping with the microfiber towel until the scratches disappear.

Follow any directions on the back of the chrome polish/protectant bottle to shine your chrome plating to a clear, glossy finish.